Wonderful testimonial from a beloved student

January 2015

It is such a treat to be a student of Miss Susana’s Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday yoga class at the In-Shape Facility in Monterey California. I have been attending for at least 2+ years for these main reasons:

• She creates a comfortable atmosphere.

• She guides us through yoga poses in a smooth and gentle manner.

• She is attentive to each participant.

• She is unfailing in her attendance and time as an instructor.

• She is fun.

Mis Susana’s yoga class is welcoming, from the time we enter to when we conduct our very last pose. She is focused on the total well-being of the class and sets the tone through the temperature of the room, music, lighting, and noise level. All of these factor into our enjoyment of the class.

I can only describe the actual instruction from Miss Susana in class as ‘liquid’ because we move from pose to pose in such a fluid-like manner. Each and every movement is drawn from the pose that precedes it and immediately connects to the pose that follows it. From beginners to advanced members, our class looks suave and graceful as we progress through each pose due to her great direction and demonstration.

As numerous as they are, Miss Susana is well aware of her class members. She recognizes new and/or familiar faces right away, and she can perceive the varying levels of proficiency in her class. Her pace can accommodate the most hurried class member to the most sedated one.

We can always count on Miss Susana to be punctual and present for class. In the rare cases in which she must be absent, she graciously sends in a capable substitute to instruct us. As a member of her hour-long class, I appreciate that she provides us with 60 minutes of uninterrupted instruction and doesn’t waste any of the allotted time with any irrelevant activities or distractions that take away from our class time.

Miss Susana makes her yoga class enjoyable through her amusing and playful attitude. This is evident when we end up smiling as she guides us through clawing and growling in the lion’s roar pose.

I consider it a great privilege to write this letter for Miss Susana explaining why I attend her class and why I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking to practice yoga.


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