The Green Smoothie


Why Green Smoothies?

Nutrition in, garbage out. I do this several times per week and my energy has completely turned around.

I start with:

apple (cored), carrot, celery + tops

or peaches or whatever is in season

or I get blueberries or strawberries and freeze them myself.

then add:

kale, spinach or romaine

The more organic, the better.

that’s it!

Add about 2 cups of water. Blend in blender for about a minute.

Or you can do:


dates, or other dried fruit, or stevia for sweetness

peeled de-seeded cucumber

avocado or banana for thickness

I put a spoon of organic turmeric for medicinal purposes

garlic, and/or hunk of peeled ginger

protein powder (good ones at Trader Joe’s)

Anything goes – and I have TONS of energy!!!

Here is Dr. Oz’ take on it:

Also I whole heartedly recommend these Raw Chefs who are local in the Monterey Area: – Nancy Broderick – – Audrey Fontaine Holistic Health Counselor – Kari Bernardi

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