“Because of the training we have been doing together, I was able to do six days of kayaking back-to-back, and I was not sore, no fatigue — and always ready for more. Thank you Susana!” -Janis

How to Grow Younger.

“Beyond any body of evidence about aging and how to prevent it, the single most important factor is that you make something creative from your existence. The most meaningful thing you can live for is to reach your full potential. At any given age the body and mind you experience are but a tiny fraction…

How to Lose Belly Fat After 50!

How to Lose Belly Fat After 50 This is my story of my yoyo diet adventures that started in college. I was fat, I was thin, I was fat, I was thin, repeat repeat repeat, until I turned 50, and said Enough! I developed this system when I became a Personal Trainer, and have kept…

“I joined In-Shape in February, 2018 as part of the Silver Sneakers program. Thanks to RJ, Susana McGuire is my personal trainer. As a result of her expert guidance I have improved my posture, strength, and endurance. Since mid-August I have lost 8 pounds. My slacks fit better, my mood is more optimistic, and I perform my hobbies of folk dancing and singing in a choir better. Susana’s upbeat attitude and her encouraging instruction makes it a pleasure to work with her on my goals. Thanks, Susana!” -Joanne