What is Youth The Book

What is Youth Cover2

After teaching thousands of classes over many years, I’ve encountered hundreds upon hundreds of folks from all walks of life; all ages, all sizes, all ability levels… and all levels of the ability or disability to move.

5 simple steps have risen to my awareness to turn back the clock. The reverse being that not doing these 5 steps will turn the clock forward.

This is a paperback book of 21 color pages with photographs showing the 5 easy steps to building a body that will actually be fun to be in for years to come.

We are currently in the process of adding to and updating the book, making it bigger, better, and more useful than ever. I’ll let you know the minute it is published!

Here is another book I wrote about the quest for our best life:
The Key Story

Here I am talking to Gina Renee about the The Key Story on her show Your Health

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