What is Youth The Book

What is Youth Cover2

After teaching thousands of classes over many years, I’ve encountered hundreds upon hundreds of folks from all walks of life; all ages, all sizes, all ability levels… and all levels of the ability or disability to move.

5 simple steps have risen to my awareness to turn back the clock. The reverse being that not doing these 5 steps will turn the clock forward.

This is a paperback book of 21 color pages with photographs showing the 5 easy steps to building a body that will actually be fun to be in for years to come.

I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if the contents has helped you at all – I would love to know.

Click Here to Purchase the What is Youth the Book

Here is another book I wrote about the quest for our best life:
The Key Story

Here I am talking to Gina Renee about the The Key Story on her show Your Health


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