What is Youth? the book reviewed by James Wanless, PH.D.

What is Youth?, the book, by Susana McGuire Jewell is a perfect message for those who want to get what’s important fast and doable!

Susana McGuire JewellDedicated to neoteny (growing young), myself, I found two really, really great things in this not so foolish book.

The first is to simply hang out on the floor. For many adults this is a challenge. Good!

And the second great tip from Susana is to invert yourself, get upside down. It feels fun and I know it’s working wonders on my brain.

Just these steps and the other three will preserve your life, and we all live a long, long life, so it might as well be well-lived.

Thank you to this yogini because this small book will make a big difference in your life. I gotta go now and hit the floor. Oh, my hip flexors! Get over it and sit.

What a wonderful guide, as Susana says, “in five easy steps.”

~ Dr. James Wanless, author of Sustainable Life: The New Success


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