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I teach Hatha Yoga, and Power Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a type of yoga that acknowledges the body’s presence to such a degree that through the practice of this yoga (and it is a practice), enlightenment can be obtained through the body – not in spite of it. We have a body. It is our vehicle. And through it, we may know God.


How Yoga Changes Your Body!

Huffington Post Article

Body On Yoga



A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Relaxation. What’s that? Seriously.¬†Stress causes many of us to eat more. A 2011 American Psychological Association survey found that about 40 percent of adults reported that when stressed they overeat or eat unhealthy foods.

Three effects of chronic stress that will leave you stunned:

And yoga directly effects our flexibility.

Why would you need to ever be flexible? Or is flexibility just a talent that a select few have, and no one should ever strive toward because it can never be achieved?

First of all, flexibility is a key component of fitness. It is defined as the range of motion possible around a joint.

Benefits of Flexibility:

Decreased risk of injury

Decreased chronic muscle tension

Decreased low-back pain

Improved posture

Increased motor performance

Decreased stress

Relief of muscle soreness

Increased mind/body connection

Improved ability to perform activities of daily living

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga for 15+ years. Here is my yoga website – I offer group classes and private lessons:

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