Testimonial for Progressive Stretch Class in Carmel!

3 December 2015

Dear Susana,

This is the note I had intended to present to you the day before Thanksgiving, but, alas, I hadn’t written it yet. Although that would have been the perfect time to express my gratitude for your class, Progressive Stretch is no less a gift a week later. Can I articulate why I enjoy the class so much? Can I describe what we do, or how I feel afterwards? And why I am willing to contort my weekly schedule so as not to miss it? I fear I will fall short, but I am going to try. Herewith, my ten favorite things about Susana McGuire’s Incomparable Progressive Stretch Class.

1 – PERFECT BLEND of yoga, stretch, balance, and strengthening.

2 – INTERESTING, GRACEFUL MOVES – My favorites are the “Flamenco Dancer Stretch” (starting with lovely ronde de jambe en dehors) and the “Twisting Swimmer” (which I always wish we would do three times instead of two).

3 – REMARKABLY EFFECTIVE ARM WORK – When I first started coming to the class, back in 2012, we didn’t do weight work. It is an excellent addition, and I love that my triceps are usually a tiny bit sore the next day.

4 – BREATHING – This is my weak suit, and I appreciate your constant, gentle cueing. I think I am becoming a deeper breather. I’m not quite floating on my breath yet, but it seems possible.

5 – TWISTING – This has been a revelation for me, and your variations continue to get more specific and, I feel, more beneficial. Floor twisting, seated twisting, standing twisting — they are all great.

6 – WARRIOR LONG LUNGE – I’m sure this move has a pose number name,! I don’t know what it is, but I love getting into this pose and staying in it and breathing in it. 

7 – WARMING – I am always surprised at how much warmer I get during your class.

8 – INVERSION – I love it … despite its being the penultimate “move” in the hour. (Now I am sad that class is almost over…)

9 – FINAL RELAXATION – By this point, I doze off almost instantly. When you ring your little bell, it’s as if I have been away. I actually have to force myself to roll over and sit up!

10 – YOU – Your dedication to our little class is extraordinary. Your energy, your patience, your ingenuity, your consistency — and let’s not overlook your selection of lovely music — combine to make you a superb teacher. Thank you, Susana, from the bottom of my opened-up heart!

Your huge fan,


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