Live-In Raw Food Chef Situation Wanted

Hi Friends – My dear and talented musician friend Jessica is looking for a situation as a Live-In Raw Food Chef. She’s great at it! If you know anyone can you contact her or me? Thanks!

LIVE-IN RAW FOOD CHEF ~ can help you feel half your age! (Monterey~Carmel)

Go beyond salads and taste amazing new flavors… Feel energy like you had in your 20’s…
Have real health, a strong immune system, glowing eyes and skin…
Avoid the typical ailments that life over 40 often brings… or see them go away.
If overweight, see your waistline shrink as you eat delicious satisfying meals & treats ~ a side bonus to feeling amazing with your new lifestyle.
Get away from the Standard American Diet (Abbreviated S.A.D. ~ Coincidence?) and be glad you did. Taste these amazing foods and KNOW there is nothing better for you:

CRACKERS bursting with flavor and nutrition, made in my dehydrator using healthy seeds, vegetables, and herbs ~ making store bought crackers seem like sawdust and cardboard…

CHEESES made from fresh raw nuts that are full of herbs, garlic, and creamy goodness that won’t clog your arteries, but are truly good for your heart and your soul…

SPIRALIZED ZUCCHINI with a delicious tomato sauce using fresh and sun dried tomatoes, so tasty you won’t ever again want sauce from a jar, or to be bogged down by GMO wheat pasta…

PEANUT SAUCE on raw Asian dishes that rivals your favorite Thai restaurant…

SALAD DRESSINGS so delicious you want to eat more salad, since there is no faster way to health than having plenty of fresh raw greens…

SMOOTHIES that taste like fruity or chocolate milkshakes, but are full of pure nutrition can include so many beneficial and filling ingredients you may not be hungry till dinnertime:
Fresh berries, mango, kiwi, melon, green tea, hemp seeds, maca, cacao, turmeric, cinnamon, vitamin C, and cayenne ~and just a sprinkle of dry stevia to sweeten. Protein powder added if weight loss desired.

FRESH NUT MILKS so light and creamy with any flavors you like added ~ vanilla, cinnamon, carob, cacao, coffee, ginger, clove, nutmeg… fresh COCONUT milk made by blending the liquid
and coconut meat of young coconuts is so good on its own, you may never buy processed coconut drinks again…

MUSHROOMS FLORENTINE that are nutritionally a raw food, but taste like a decadent appetizer from your favorite restaurant…

DESSERTS like a fresh fruit pie that can also be a breakfast… or CHOCOLATE treats that are much tastier and healthier than any processed dark chocolate…

It’s true, once you open you mind to the world of fresh LIVING foods that still have all the energy-giving enzymes and vitamins present, you will feel and see a real difference in your life. I sure did!

If you have extra space and would like share the healthiest delicious meals with a full time personal raw food chef, I would love to share what I experience daily. Flexible to your preferences, can include some cooked foods and also fish and chicken.
Please contact me to discuss details. I look forward to your transformation! Excellent references provided.

Yours in conscious good health ~Jessica

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