Testimonial from Dewey Tran

My testimonial on Susana‘s Yoga class

“I don’t know where to begin when describing Susana’s class, from what I’ve taken away to why it’s beneficial to join. But if I had to describe her class, it would be “Fun while being focused. Learning patience and getting in tune with your body. Tasking yourself with one job while a sense of calm befalls you.” I had taken a beginner Yoga class before but Susana taught me more advanced poses and how to refine my form with all of my poses. If may not believe me but she has had a very large impact on my life the past 2 years.

Susana is fun, young, and passionate about teaching Yoga that surprises me even today. I’ve watched people come and go from her class and I was always amazed about her perseverance, wondering how she can teach so many classes a week. Then I realized, she REALLY loves it. I’m sure if she could, she would see to it that everyone in the world would do yoga and I would support her totalitarian yoga laws.

On a more serious note, she asked me what I took away from the class and I’ve taken away so much that it’s hard to describe it all. She’ll say “monotasking” is what you’ll be doing in her class and it might seem easy, but it actually one of the most difficult things to do and that I still struggle with. Focusing on one thing, not letting your mind race on your stresses and what you have to do that next day is almost impossible for me. Yet, over the past 2 years, I’ve noticed that my mind will quiet down. She once asked us to imagine the expanse of the universe, your relation to a building and it’s relation to the city, the state, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and my mind just shut off. Also, I was extremely tired, that helped immensely.

She also teaches the importance of stretching, being flexible and how everyday we do things that make our bodies rigid like sitting at a desk for hours. I’ve slowly been able to bend and flex in ways that, in my opinion, no man should ever bend. BUT I CAN, and it’s very fun to bend backwards or headstand and watch the world upside down or slowly fall into a split or watch my leg get closer and closer to being behind my head. You feel relaxed at the end of her class and anyone in any type of fitness would benefit greatly if they added yoga to their routine. It benefits your weightlifting, running, swimming, whatever. It just feels amazing to wake up in the morning and feel your joints crack and your muscles are loose compared to feeling tight and achey.

But the most important thing about Susana’s class if that IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Susana makes a calming environment or, on her Power Yoga days, will make the class upbeat to the point where you push yourself. She’s silly and charismatic and will make you laugh. I love being able to do a tree pose because I’m always surprised at how far my hip goes laterally because of my flexibility, IT’S ADDICTING. I will never stop doing Yoga and I plan on maintaining my flexibility and getting better at it and it’s all thanks to Susana.

Side note, I lift weights all the time and yet Susana still beats me in terms of strength. Don’t let her fool you, she is crazy strong when it comes to isometrics and calisthenics to the point where I collapse in her Power Yoga class and she’s still pushing it. I’m serious, I can lift 405 lbs off the ground but I will fall and cry in a pool of sweat while she will just breeze on by with the workout. WHAT?!

Take Susana’s class, now. Put down whatever computer device you are reading this on and look her up and classes near you right now and go. You will not regret it.”

Thanks for everything Susana. No goodbyes.Dewey Tran

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