Voyager Coaching

What is Voyager Coaching?


Long ago I fell in love with Tarot and studied for many years, and continue to study through the BOTA affiliation. Then I found James Wanless, the creator of Voyager Tarot… Like all Tarot, Voyager Tarot is an internal guidance system. It’s a tool to navigate your life and create your own fortune and your own future. It’s a way of analyzing life, taking time to reflect and meditate, and open doors to guidance to find the best possible decisions and outcomes.

Voyager Tarot Fortune

Voyager Tarot Fortune

More About James Wanless, the Creator of Voyager Tarot

I’ve been doing readings for myself and others for many years. Here is a recent testimonial:

“I was really stressing over a tough financial decision, but an interesting tarot reading from Susana convinced me that patience would bring about the most positive outcome. In three days, it turned out exactly as I had hoped! – I feel that if I had emailed my client out of impatience, I may have lost them entirely. I wholeheartedly recommend that you treat yourself to a Voyager coaching session by Susana.”  ~Jessica S.